Test Chambers

The CLIMPAQ glass test chambers are the only test chambers on the market which allows for both sensory and chemical characterisation. CLIMPAQ ventilated test chambers come in 2 sizes, 50L and 225L to support testing of materials in various sizes. The design is optimised for testing material/specimen emission of pollutants under realistic conditions similar to their everyday use in buildings. The chambers can be operated according to ISO 16000 and EN717-1 standards.

About us

Climtech is a small innovative company working to deliver the superior lab equipment. Our aim is to develop products for improving measurement of emissions from materials. Furthermore, we hope that our products can help to set standards for classifying odours and emissions.

Research has documented the influence of poor indoor climate on humans and its relations with respiratory diseases like e.g. asthma. The problem is expected to increase for the future and looks to become a serious problem for the developed world. A deeper insight into the impact of emissions from e.g. building materials requires lab equipment that allow for comparison and quantification.

We are closely linked to Danish Building Research Institute and have a very international network of customers and partners.