Test Chambers

The CLIMPAQ glass test chambers are the only test chambers on the market which allows for both sensory and chemical characterisation. CLIMPAQ ventilated test chambers come in 2 sizes, 50L and 225L to support testing of materials in various sizes. The design is optimised for testing material/specimen emission of pollutants under realistic conditions similar to their everyday use in buildings. The chambers can be operated according to ISO 16000 and EN717-1 standards.

Quality Assurance

The NORDTEST Build NT 482 describes how to use the CLIMPAQ chambers and provides important standardised guidelines for instruction. The test method assures high quality testing with the use of the CLIMPAQ. Furthermore, the CLIMPAQ has been used in many countries all over the world for several years.

The NORDTEST Build NT 482 is available for download on our website.

ISO standards

The NORDTEST method NT Build 482 describes the use of the CLIMPAQ chamber for investigating emissions of pollutants from construction materials. CLIMPAQs have been used in research since 1993 to test emissions of pollutants within a variety of conditions. In literature the chambers have been extensively used for volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions in building materials for both chemical and sensory evaluation.

The CLIMPAQ chambers have not been not designed specifically to ISO standards but the chambers have been used for research according to various ISO standards like e.g. ISO 12460 and ISO16000.

Other standards

The French AFNOR standard CEN/TC 351/WG 2 "Emissions into indoor air".

DS/EN 717-1