Test Chambers

The CLIMPAQ glass test chambers are the only test chambers on the market which allows for both sensory and chemical characterisation. CLIMPAQ ventilated test chambers come in 2 sizes, 50L and 225L to support testing of materials in various sizes. The design is optimised for testing material/specimen emission of pollutants under realistic conditions similar to their everyday use in buildings. The chambers can be operated according to ISO 16000 and EN717-1 standards.


CLIMPAQs are used in emission testing across several industries all over the world. Building Research Institutes from all over the world are using the CLIMPAQ in testing:

  • Leading Building Research Institutes in Scandinavian and Europe
  • Building Research Institutes in Asia
  • Car manufacturers also used the CLIMPAQ for testing fabrics and odours in cars
  • Private companies within development of building materials world wide
  • Private consultancy companies within air research